Show case favorite spring photos by creating a mini-book within a larger scrapbook. Trim the pages in graduated sizes to highlight all of the spring colors.
What You’ll Need
5-10 Spring Pictures
Decorative Stickers
Colored paper
Rub-on letters and words
Black & silver pens
1/4" hole punch

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Create a beautiful introduction
Here we see a beautiful introduction to spring. Notice the full garden picture to the left and to the right, a flower revealed by a "window" cutout.
Use a window cut-out
A "window" in a scrapbook cover lets you draw attention to the focal point of a favorite photo without cropping it. Once the cover is opened, you'll see the whole scene.
Use different page sizes and colors
Pages of different heights and widths create depth and a rainbow of color. Match the accent colors of your pictures for a great effect.
Less is more.
Choose pictures and embellishments carefully to showcase your favorite spring moments.
Use mirror image stickers
Ever wonder what you could do with mirror image stickers? A scrapbook is a perfect place to use them.
Add handwritten notes
What would a book be without words? Occasional handwritten notes - even if you don't like your handwriting - capture the sentiment of the moment.