Watch your scrapbook come alive
Add a new dimension to your scrapbook with a 3D pop-up.
What You’ll Need
Two pieces of card stock, each twice the size of the finished project
Photo for the popup cover
Small stickers or two tiny photos (to sit inside the popup window)
Photo for the inside cover of the popup
Thin string or thread
Acid-free adhesive (glue or tape)

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Get it covered.
To create the outer cover of the popup, fold one of the pieces of card stock in half.
Place your picture.
Fasten the photo to the cover of the popup.
Cut it down to size.
Trim the second piece of card stock so that it’s 1/4 inch smaller than the cover.
Add a window.
Accordion fold the second piece of card stock into four sections. Cut a square out of the middle two sections to create a frame for your photo or sticker details.
Go 3-D.
Sandwich the thread between two identical stickers or two identically sized photos to create a three-dimensional element that’ll be showcased in the square cutout in the accordion-folded card. Tape the thread inside the accordion-folded card so that the stickers or photos hang into the square cutout.
Add an image.
Attach the inside-cover photo to the top section of the accordion-folded card.
Put your popup into place.
Apply adhesive to the backs of the first and fourth sections of the accordion-folded card, then glue the accordion-folded card inside the cover card, with the hole centered inside the cover.
Add it in your book.
Finally, attach the cover card into your scrapbook layout by gluing the back of the cover card to the scrapbook page.