For a fun, personal way to anticipate the holiday, create an Advent Calendar using our template and your pictures.
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What You'll Need:
Advent Calendar template
24 small pictures printed to fit the picture layout template
exacto knife (or scissors)

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Print template and pictures
Download our Advent Calendar template, which includes the house design and the picture layout template.
Select 24 pictures and print them small - wallets may work best, then trim them to fit the picture layout template.
Tip: If you use photo editing software, open the picture layout template and add the pictures directly to the template, then print it as one sheet that will fit directly behind the house template.
Cut open windows panels
On the house printout, cut three sides of each window with an exacto knife. If you do not have an exacto knife, you can use a coupon cutter or the pointy end of a pair of scissors.
Glue pictures
After you've selected and printed your pictures, cut them to fit the picture layout template, then glue them down. If you've used a photo editing software, you can skip this step.
Assemble calendar
Glue the house page over the top of the pictures page, lining them up carefully. You may want to pull back the flaps and peek to be sure that the pictures line up with the "windows".
Starting on December 1st, open one window for each day of December, revealing the picture underneath. Happy Holidays!