You can’t wrap a favor – such as a night of babysitting – but you can still give an adorable gift with an IOU Gift Card. An IOU Gift card is also great for a gifts that are too big to wrap, back-ordered, or – if you’ve procrastinated - have not been purchased yet! Use this IOU Gift card to present your loved ones with an elegant “gift”.
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What You'll Need:
Heavy stock paper
Wallet-sized photo of gift (optional)
Ribbon and hole punch (optional)
Sticker (optional)
A printable template:

time to complete
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How to Make it:

Choose and print a card design
Choose from the Holiday design template or the Floral design template – each come with either a photo insert card (to include a picture of the gift) or a text insert card (to write a blurb about the gift or favor), then print it out on heavy card stock or matte photo paper.
TIP: IOU Gifts make for great last minute gifts – new parents will love One Night of Babysitting or One Day of Housecleaning.
Create your envelope
Cut along the edge of the card, then fold each corner in toward the center on the blank side.
Build your gift card insert
Cut out the gift card insert, then fold it in half along the guide line – with the design visible. If you’re including a photo, paste it inside the photo frame. If you are using a text insert card, write a message about your special gift. Use glue to seal folded card together.
Assemble your gift card
Place the gift card insert inside the envelope, then fold the flaps of the envelope toward the center. To keep the card shut, tape, glue or affix a large sticker over the ends of the flaps. To dress up the gift card, you can punch holes in a corner and thread a ribbon through – or tie a ribbon around the card.
TIP: Photo stickers add a nice touch to any envelope. Check out photo sticker designs at KODAK Gallery.