Deck the halls with pictures!
Turn pictures of family and friends into beautiful holiday garlands.
What You'll Need:
Six to eight favorite pictures of family and friends
Colored cardstock or construction paper
Coordinating ribbon
Decorating scissors
Double-sided tape
Hole punch
Decorative grommets

time to complete
skill level

How to Make it:

Gather your favorite family pictures
Find a bunch of great shots of you and your family and make duplicates for the photo garland.
TIP: For an even more fun garland, set up a photoshoot to take pictures of your family holding printed out letters that spell out a holiday greeting.
Mount the pictures
ather three to four different colors of paper that match your holiday décor, plus a matching colored ribbon. You’ll need about 8 to 10 inches of ribbon per picture in order to string the pictures. Trim the pictures and mount them on the colored papers using double-sided tape. You can also try using double mattes of contrasting colors.
Start trimming
Leave a few of your pictures in their original shape, and trim some others to silhouette the person in the picture. Trim the colored paper into holiday shapes, like snowmen, stars, trees, and ornaments. Punch a hole in the upper-left and upper-right corner of each shape, and add decorative grommets to finish and reinforce the holes. Now you’re ready to string them all together.
String the garland
String all your beautiful pictures together by “lacing” the ribbon through the grommets. Simply thread the ribbon from the back to the front for the first hole, and from the front to the back for the second.
Display your holiday masterpiece
Hang your decorative photo garland on a banister, doorway, or mantle in your home for a picture perfect holiday season.