Classroom Project Ideas

Pictures can help make school days easier and learning fun. Taking and using pictures is a natural for the classroom

Here are some project ideas for both parents and teachers.

Sticker labels
Photo stickers of kids are a great way to mark lunchboxes, books and pencil cases. School items will be quickly related to their owner.
Photo markers
For a fun visual way of marking whose cubby is whose, tape a picture of the owner to the door. This would also work for desks and chairs.
On the crafts drawers, add a picture of scissors to show where the scissors are and a picture of crayons to identify the crayon drawer.
Summer vacation map
At the beginning of the school year encourage students to bring in a photo from their summer vacation. If they traveled away from home, pin the picture to the spot on a large map.
Photo scavenger hunt
To help students become familiar with their new surroundings at the beginning of the school year, have a photo scavenger hunt.
Take pictures of items around the classroom and have the kids find them by looking at the picture.
A cool school tool
With their portability and fun print sizes, printer docks are great for making the prints for many classroom projects.
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