Make learning the ABCs more fun with a personalized alphabet book filled with familiar faces and things.
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What You'll Need:
Images of people or things that correspond to every letter of the alphabet
Spray adhesive
Hole punch
Two 8.5 x 11-inch pieces of lightweight cardboard
Thin ribbon or yarn

time to complete
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How to Make it:

Find your images
Choose pictures of people, animals or items to represent each letter of the alphabet, and take pictures to fill in gaps.
Create your pages
Choose unique fonts and large typefaces (whether printed or scrapbooking stickers) to make the letters prominent on each photo page. You can start with an inner title page, then put A and B on the first spread of pages, and so on.
Print out and assemble the pages
Print the pages double sided, or use spray adhesive to glue pages back-to-back. Work carefully to ensure that the letters are in the proper order.
Design the cover
You’ll need to create two outer covers and two inner covers. The front outer cover should feature a title and artwork, while the back cover can be simpler; just make your design slightly off center to accommodate the binding. The outer covers need to be larger than the cardboard, and the inner covers smaller.
Build the cover
Spray adhesive onto the outer covers. Carefully align the cardboard with your cover, leaving overlap. Cut a slit in the paper from the corner until you reach the cardboard. Pull each edge of the paper tightly around the cardboard, and fasten it to the inner edge. Next, spray adhesive on the inner covers, then place each inner cover on the cardboard, ensuring that no cardboard shows.
Bind the book
Sandwich your pages between the two covers, making sure that the pages are aligned and facing the right way. Punch three holes through the cover and pages with your hole punch, then thread yarn or ribbon through each hole. Finish the binding by tying bows.
Variation: Instead of creating your own binding, you can use wooden binding clips or print out the pages and place them in plastic sheet protectors in a three-ring binder.