You have planned for months, maybe years.

Now that your special day is over, use KODAK EASYSHARE Software to recapture those perfect moments just as you remember thsem.

Don’t have EASYSHARE Software? Download it free for Windows at:

Timeless Elegance

The KODAK EASYSHARE Software editor has a scene effects tool that allows you to apply different tints or tones to your pictures to achieve a specific look and feel. Sepia Tone adds a brown/yellow tint, giving the picture an old-fashioned look. Sepia adds a touch of timeless elegance to any image.

Savor the Moment

Remember each moment with the addition of a phrase or two. The Add Text tool allows you to add a caption to your photos to ensure that the memories and emotion behind each still image are remembered forever.

Project Idea: Personalize your thank you cards by adding a line of text – such as the date – to a photo from your wedding day.  A picture makes a wonderful wedding memento!

Perfect that Family Picture

The Facial Retouch tool will automatically detect multiple faces within the picture and retouch them to whiten teeth and remove blemishes and wrinkles. This one-click solution is a simple way to perfect that group picture that will be sure to end up on fireplace mantle.

Fix the Poor Lighting

Did dim lighting at the church or reception hall cause your picture to come out too dark? The editor has an automated Enhance button that fixes the lighting with just one click. The Enhance button uses KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology that not only reduces dark shadows but also enriches detail. It brings out vibrant colors creating an even better picture by just using the manual scene balance.

Focus on the moment

Have a great image of a guest on the dance floor that is drowned out by all the people and objects in the background? Use the Spotlight Tool in the Fun Effects category to darken the edges so that the focus is on the center of the picture. The tool also works great for pictures of rings and other small items that should be the center of attention!