Photographing at a theme park

Your spouse hanging upside down in a speeding roller coaster, the kids dancing with cartoon characters. Theme parks offer a wide variety of action, colorful scenes, tantalizing foods—and surprises—so have your camera ready at all times.

Look for colorful details
Theme parks overflow with colorful sets, art, and designs that make attractive pictures. From the cotton candy vendor to the mural at the haunted house, include these details in your pictures.

Find a good position
Search for that perfect viewpoint that shows the roller coaster in all its glory, or the castle behind a colorful bed of flowers.

Take pictures of dazzling night lights
At dusk, colorful lights ignite the theme park skies. And dusk is the best time to photograph them. Turn off the flash and hold your camera extra steady in the dim light. The slow shutter speed will create colorful blurs of the lights on moving rides.

Take pictures of fireworks
Some theme parks regularly shoot off fireworks, and you'll want to capture some pictures of them in the story of your trip to the theme park.

Use a versatile film
From fast action in the sun to spinning Ferris wheels at night, you'll need a film capable of catching it all. Use a fast film with a rating of 400, 800, or higher and no situation will escape your camera.

Tell a story
Any important event can become a picture story. An all-day outing is perfect for a photo story. Show the departure, the arrival, a picture of your destination's entry, a variety of events during the day, and the tired kids on their way home.

Share your pictures
Pictures double in value if you share them! Turn your photo story into a special wall or tabletop display. Create greeting cards and online albums. Have a favorite picture put onto a mug or T-shirt, and be ready to answer, "Who's that?" or "Where was that taken?"