We at Kodak would like to take this opportunity to extend our very best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season to you and your staff.
We appreciate and value your continued support of our business throughout the year, as well as the cooperative spirit between our companies. Relationships with our suppliers must be based on quality and dependability of goods and services purchased, fair pricing and prompt delivery, and a commitment to conduct business in an ethical manner. The result ensures fair and impartial dealings with our suppliers and best value to our customers.
The holiday season often prompts some suppliers to express their goodwill by offering gifts to our employees. To avoid any possibility of misunderstanding, embarrassment, or perception of favoritism, it is appropriate to remind you Kodak’s policies do not permit our employees to accept gifts of gratuities in any form, from any supplier, for themselves or their families.
Kodak believes in maintaining the highest standards of business conduct; I know you also share this goal.