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Silver Antimicrobial Materials and Applications

Affordable, effective, durable

The new power of silver antimicrobials

Silver is a naturally occurring element that provides effective antimicrobial protection in:

  • fibers
  • films and coatings
  • injection molded components
  • adhesives
  • sealants
  • laminates


A century of Kodak expertise available to you

As a world leader in silver technology, Kodak researchers have manipulated the design of silver crystals so they can be applied to nearly all categories of textiles and plastics benefiting from an antimicrobial product.


A great business opportunity

From apparel that remains fresh to deck furniture that resists mildew, products that reduce the growth of microorganisms are selling at a premium. And since silver is one of nature’s elements, you can position these products as one of nature’s gifts—eliminating the concern inherent to many man-made antimicrobial chemicals.



Outdoor Furniture
Preserve the beauty of outdoor fabrics with powerful anti-mold protection.

Silver crystals extruded in the fiber achieve long-lasting odor control and wash durability in the most demanding apparel applications.

Proven performance in nonwoven filtration systems.

Prevent fabric degradation and unsightly stains due to mold buildup.

Industry tests show inhibition of fungi and bacteria in carpet systems.

Printed Substrates
Protect valuable or archival printed material from degradation due to mold or bacteria.


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