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KODAK PANDORA Step-and-Repeat Software

Now with Multi-CAD File Support

KODAK PANDORA Step-and-Repeat Software

Complexity is the name of the game in Packaging. Every job and every layout is different. Job runs are getting smaller. Sku counts are growing.  If kept unchecked, this complexity can reduce productivity and erode margins.

Transform this complexity it into a competitive advantage with KODAK PANDORA Step-and-Repeat Software – a powerful solution that dramatically increases production while reducing costs. Leveraging Kodak’s exclusive SMART Layout technology, Pandora automates combination-run layouts by reducing layout time, improving accuracy and minimizing waste.


  • Dramatically reduce layout time from hours to minutes
    • Effortless automation using Pandora SMART Layout technology
    • SMARTMARKS position and size themselves on a layout, even when the press sheet or other resources are changed
    • Latest ADOBE PDF technology
    • PANDORA on your MAC uses 64 bit technology for faster layout creation.
  • Reduce run cost
    • Automates combination layouts while optimizing sheet utilization based on print-ability
    • Multi-CAD file support for combination run printing
  • Reduce cycle time with reusable, automatable step-and-repeat templates and CAD files from 1-up dies
  • Expand your business
    • Supports offset, digital, flexo and gravure printing requirements
    • Recognizes non-rectangular shapes for application to virtually any job requirement

Software Capabilities

  • SMART Layout technology –only available with Pandora
    • Optimizes layout of different labels on same sheet based on artwork colors to achieve optimal print performance
    • Reduce down time with Die Waste Smart Mark
    • Reduce paper waste with Split Color Bar Smart Mark
  • Integrates seamlessly with the KODAK PRINERGY Workflow Platform as well as third-party applications including Esko, Agfa: ApogeeX, Fuji XMF and Rampage systems
  • Handles all die cut print applications; in-the-round, roll-to-roll or non-rectangular
Automate layout creation
Automate layout creation for any type of packaging using the interactive step-and-repeat tool.
Marks are automatically placed and colors are mapped correctly to artwork colors.


Do More

Packaging Layout Automation (PLA) amps up the value generated by PANDORA Step-and-Repeat Software through Rules Based Automation.

PLA can save hours of operator time and support a fully-automated production process, while improving consistency and maximizing media use.

  • Reduce steps, increase efficiencies with Multi-CAD file support for combination print runs
  • Automatically generate combination layouts from your MIS with PLA.
  • Gang by color then fit
  • Reduce substrate sizes


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