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KODAK Panchromatic Sound Recording Film 2374 (ESTAR)

KODAK Panchromatic Sound Recording Film 2374 is a high contrast, panchromatic black-and-white film designed for recording variable-area sound track negatives with a tungsten light source, and/or producing digital sound track negatives. Analog negatives made from this film produces an excellent silver-, high magenta-, and cyan only- soundtracks. It is optimized to produce all three types of digital soundtracks negatives: DTS (Digital Theater Systems), DOLBY Digital, and SONY SDDS (SONY Dynamic Digital Sound).

This film gives excellent results when exposed and processed to print sound tracks on any of the following films:

KODAK VISION Color Print Film / 2383.
KODAK VISION Premier Color Print Film / 2393.
KODAK VISION Color Teleprint Film / 2395 (35 mm) and 3395 (16 mm).
KODAK Black-and-White Print Film / SO-302.
EASTMAN Fine Grain Release Positive Film 5302 (35 mm) and 7302 (16 mm).