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     For the Film Timer  

Reading the Gray densities of the Kodak Gray Card Plus provides an objective evaluation of film exposure. Reading the black and white patches on the card will indicate the range of brightness and where the scene falls on the sensitometric curve for any given film stock.

Generally, you will time your dailies using a color analyzer. However, for those scenes where the Cinematographer used special lighting or intentionally altered exposure, the Kodak Gray card provides a good reference to establish printer lights which best preserve the Cinematographer's intent.

Using the Kodak Gray Card Plus to time special scenes

  1. Read the red, green, blue densities from the Gray portion of each card on the film.
  2. Use these values to establish your initial timing for the scenes following the Gray card reference.
  3. Verify your timing on a color analyzer based on the lights you have determined best for the Gray card exposures.