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ACHIEVE NEWS Platesetter

The right choice for newspapers


Affordable thermal imaging

ACHIEVE NEWS Platesetters offer the stability, reliability, and quality of Kodak’s thermal CTP technology at a price point designed for newspapers on a tight budget.


Advanced automation for flexibility and productivity

Five available automation options. Automation reduces platemaking time and errors caused by manual plate handling.



auto unload

Auto Unload



single cassette unit (SCU)

Single Cassette Unit

Multiple Cassette Unit

Multiple Cassette Unit


Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

ACHIEVE NEWS Platesetters are fully compatible with SONORA NEWS Process Free Plates, so you can eliminate your plate processor along with all the water, energy, and chemicals used in processing. Plus, when imaging plates you can reduce your power consumption to only 400 watts.


KODAK Mobile CTP Control App

Attend to your CTP devices from wherever you are, using only a mobile phone, with Kodak’s Mobile CTP Control App.

  • Device monitoring
  • Queue management
  • Multiple CTPs
  • Push notifications
  • Alerts

Available now for newer models of KODAK MAGNUS, ACHIEVE, and TRENDSETTER Platesetters, with support for older models coming soon.


Proven Thermal Imaging Technology

  • Thermal platesetters deliver incredible accuracy and stability
  • ACHIEVE Platesetters use Kodak’s TH5 Imaging Technology, which is based on Kodak’s proven thermal technology
  • Thermal technology enables true process free plate making, helping you reduce environmental impact with KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates


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