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SONORA X-N Process Free Plates

Process Free Plates

The plate newspaper printers have been waiting for


SONORA X-N Process Free Plates provide the stability and quality of thermal imaging along with the environmental and cost benefits of process free plate making. Long run lengths and fast imaging speeds enable even large newspaper publishers to switch to process free.


Make a calculated choice to switch

Use our instant Savings Estimator to find out just how much you can save with SONORA Process Free Plates.


Productivity and Print Quality

With laser energy required of 120 mJ/cm2, SONORA X-N Plates let newspapers get the maximum throughput from many platesetters, and with no processing step, making plates is faster than ever.

High resolution capability enables superior print quality, attracting advertisers and enabling new revenue opportunities.


Technology Breakthrough for Process Free Plates

Our goal is to make process free possible for all printers.

With the new technology developed for Kodak’s latest SONORA Plates, our plate scientists have come very close to that goal, expanding the capabilities of SONORA Plates to meet the performance needs of most offset printing applications.


Lower Operational Costs

The cost savings make switching to SONORA X-N Process Free Plates an easy business decision. Newspapers save on chemistry, water, processor maintenance and chemistry disposal. Since there is no preheat, they also save on energy costs from running the ovens and maintaining climate control.


Economic Benefits of Using Process Free Plates:


Environmental Benefits

With SONORA Process Free Plates, printers show their customers and community that they are environmental leaders by eliminating all the chemicals, water, energy and waste associated with plate processing.


Thermal Quality & Stability

With SONORA X-N Process Free Plates, newspapers can realize all the benefits of thermal imaging, including unparalleled stability, repeatability and outstanding print quality.


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