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Commercial Printing Press

Smarter, Faster, Vivid, Limitless...

Resetting The Standard

The way we communicate is rapidly changing, those that stand still become obsolete, those that keep moving prosper.  PROSPER 6000 isn't a press, it's a relentless force of change in the industry. 



Blazing Speed

It's an output workhorse producing up to 90 million top quality pages per month. With more speed PROSPER 6000 enables more efficiency and a faster time to market, allowing you to serve the impatient with time sensitive marketing campaigns.


Imaging Process

Our flexible solution lets you print a wide range of applications and makes longer run lengths of variable data printing possible… and profitable.


Unrivaled Quality

PROSPER 6000 produces vibrant photorealistic images day after day comparable to offset quality, durable enough to withstand frequent handling with quality impressive enough to please the most demanding client.


Be Limitless

Expand your business by offering more, PROSPER 6000 Presses have been built to handle the full range of today's print applications while meeting the business goals of newspaper and book publishers, commercial printers, and direct mail services.



PROSPER 6000 Presses are offered in two different models with various configurations to fit your business needs.



The KODAK 700 Print Manager is a digital front end that delivers sustained data processing and peak performance.


Take a Look Inside

Take a look inside the innovative KODAK PROSPER 6000 Press and learn how it works.


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