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Ink & Plate Usage Service

Ground-breaking innovation predicts profitability in every last drop

Ink & Plate Usage Service

Rising costs of ink is squeezing profit margins for printers who already struggle to measure and predict ink usage with certainty. Estimating on-press ink consumption has never been a perfect science. It varies from job-to-job due to countless print variables and is typically based on a combination of guesswork and calculation without substantial basis in facts or statistics. Rising costs coupled with calculation inaccuracies makes profitability nearly impossible…until NOW!

KODAK’s Ink & Plate Usage service is revolutionizing the print industry by automating the calculation of on-press ink usage using historical facts. This groundbreaking technology allows commercial offset and packaging printers, for the first time, to see and understand consumable usage costs across an entire organization. Analyze usage data down to an individual job to minimize carrying costs, maintain profit margins and drive step-change growth. No guesswork, no manual calculations – just profitability down to the very last drop.


Identify actual ink usage across an entire organization using industry first fact-based decision analytics.

Realize Untapped Sources of Savings:

  • Reduce carrying costs for consumables - Purchase materials on an as-needed basis.
  • Reduce costs associated with spot inks - Order only what you need, when you need it and not a drop more.
  • Minimize hazardous waste and associated disposal costs.

Improve Operational Efficiencies:

  • Maximize operator productivity - Eliminate manual monitoring and tedious calculations.
  • Improve profit margins - Know and understand your actual consumable usage and associated costs.
  • Win new and repeat business - Improve quoting accuracy to ensure profit and stay competitive.
  • Improve inventory controls globally - Carry inventory as needed across multiple plant locations with ease.


Ink & Plate Usage Service Dashboards

Monitor and analyze total ink usage across your entire organization for a holistic view of actual manufacturing and operational costs.


Ink Usage by Press

Monitor and analyze ink usage by press to troubleshoot and reduce inefficiencies which can lead to reduced profits and unexpected costs.


Ink Usage by Job

Monitor and analyze total ink usage and costs by job to uncover granular detail, ensuring efficiency and profit margin in every print run.


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