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File Archive and Backup

Archive to PRINERGY Cloud for higher levels of prepress workflow efficiency and security

File Archive and Backup

A PRINERGY Cloud service that provides superior levels of security while it automates archiving for higher levels of efficiency. Printing automation is easy with Rules Based Automation, included with this service.

Protect your business’s critical assets while you reduce your infrastructure cost and increase your operational efficiency.


  • Dramatically reduces risk of data loss
  • Reduces infrastructure cost to store and manage files
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Automated intelligent archiving with redundant data backup “built in”
  • Scalable data storage options

File Archive and Backup Dashboard tracks:

  • Archive Storage per Server: Automated email notifications when storage usage reaches your subscribed tier limit
  • Files Archived, Retrieved, Deleted: Monitor archive and retrieve activity
  • Amount of data copied to / from Cloud storage: Monitor the amount of data uploaded and downloaded

File Archive and Backup - screen 1
File Archive and Backup - screen 2


Regional Hosting Managed by Kodak

  • Available in all major markets
  • Built on the Microsoft Azure platform
  • Data transfers are encrypted
  • Built-in redundancy and backup:
    • Stored across 3 different storage devices in the primary center
    • Primary data center is backed up to another data center no less than 500 km away
    • 6 copies of each job are archived


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