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Dynamic Print Planning

Print More. Spend Less.

Dynamic Print Planning

Fast, automated, cost effective operations planning is a must for printers looking to remain competitive in an industry where turnaround times are decreasing and margins are challenging.

Kodak’s new cloud based Dynamic Print Planning service is a turn-key solution designed for printers of all sizes. This service fully leverages the computing power and data analytic capabilities of Prinergy Cloud to deliver a radical new level of efficiency and simplicity to your print production planning, ultimately saving you time and money.

Dynamic Print Planning increases efficiency through integrated and autonomous workflow optimization. Prioritizing resources and labor when a wide array of diverse project orders come in, saving time and money while reducing the risk of errors. Dynamic Print Planning combines press planning and job ganging into a single integrated step.


  • Increase efficiency and accelerate job turnaround by optimizing your production plans based on your specific business inputs
  • Reduce labor costs and raw materials by automating production planning and optimizing utilization
  • Keep customers satisfied by delivering jobs on time at a competitive price
  • Grow your Web2Print business


Software Capabilities

  • Efficiently manufacture products that share similar production attributes within a given time window
    • Due Date and Time
    • Printing Press
    • Substrate
    • Plate Type
    • Colors (Inks or Coatings)
    • Cutting Equipment
  • Automate creation of the manufacturing plan and create a cost optimized set of print ready production layouts
  • Seamlessly integrate with your Prinergy Workflow


Analytics Enabled

Analytics Dashboard

Transform Your Business Into A Smart Factory

Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, regardless of industry. Printers need to leverage this trend and start looking for ways of transforming their business into a Smart Factory. Dynamic Print Planning can help.

It incorporates the use of advanced computing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve business challenges. This new tool uses dynamic optimization strategies and shared insights to calculate the optimal manufacturing plan, allowing the printer to reduce the number of print runs.

In addition, Dynamic Print Planning is analytics enabled, providing you a robust business intelligence solution to harness your data into actionable fact-based decisions.


Regional Hosting Managed by Kodak

  • Available in all major markets
  • Built on the Microsoft Azure platform
  • Data transfers are encrypted
  • Built-in redundancy and backup


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