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A better way.


PRINERGY Cloud is not just existing automation deployed as SaaS. PRINERGY Cloud rises above delivering new, industry-first solutions to control cost, reduce risk, and increase your ability to profit from market opportunities. Not only can you take printing performance to the next level, but harness the power of your data with our revolutionary Decision Analytics tool to make fact-based decisions.

PRINERGY Cloud. A better way. 


  • Leverage net, new prepress automation services to take cost & risk control to the next level
  • Harness your business data into actionable analysis and decision making with the Decision Analytics service
  • Enjoy fast, reliable and secure cloud performance hosted by industry leader Microsoft Azure
  • Scale intelligently
  • Control capital expense and stay updated with the latest software release with subscription pricing


Decision Analytics

Decision Analytics, the print industry’s first business intelligence solution, is the foundation of PRINERGY Cloud. Harness the power of your data into actionable analysis and decision making.

Grow your business by unlocking your company’s valuable data.

  • Intuitive dashboards make it easy to understand your printing costs today and how they trend over time
  • Make fact-based decisions for improved planning and cost control
  • Improve accuracy and visibility throughout your organization

All Prinergy Cloud services, like File Archive & Backup and Dynamic Print Planning are Decision Analytics enabled.

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This whitepaper will help you gain insight into the benefits and opportunities that cloud computing makes available for print service providers.
To understand cloud computing and its place in the print environment, this paper defines the essential characteristics of the cloud, services and models, and then looks at what Print Service Providers (PSPs) should consider when evaluating cloud’s fit in their business.


PRINERGY Cloud is fast, reliable and secure

  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure platform to ensure peak performance
    • Multiple data centers world-wide means fast performance
    • Data centers can horizontally scale to meet peaks in demand
    • Data is encrypted and backed-up on multiple servers
  • 24/7 continuous monitoring means high availability and security

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PRINERGY Cloud Services available today

Decision Analytics

Analyze historical production trends and volumes to identify key growth opportunities and remove bottlenecks.

Dynamic Print Planning

Fast, automated, cost effective operations planning is a must for printers looking to remain competitive in an industry where turnaround times are decreasing and margins are challenging.

File Archive and Backup

Protect your business’s critical assets while reducing infrastructure cost and increasing operational efficiency.

Ink & Plate Usage Service

Identify actual ink usage across an entire organization using industry-first fact-based decision analytics.


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If you have questions about how KODAK PRINERGY Cloud can help you augment and expand your current Prinergy Workflow investment, contact us today.

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