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Tomorrow’s Print Shop Today: 7 Trends Shaping the Industry’s Future

  • November 14, 2018

The packaging industry is trending upwards. A report from Smither Pira expects the value of the industry’s market to increase from $815 billion in 2017 to $980 billion by 2022. With growth, change often follows, as new innovations are positioned to leverage the industry’s positive tone.

An influx of technologies, shrinking turnaround times and the demand for shorter and more customized runs are impacting packaging converters both operationally and financially. While the long-term impact these changes will have on the industry isn’t yet known, we can evaluate how printing shops should respond today, what technologies they should adopt to increase efficiency during the prepress workflow in print production process, and what challenges they need to successfully navigate to keep pace with the competition.

In our free Ebook, “Tomorrow’s Print Shop Today: 7 Trends Shaping the Industry’s Future,” we look at the 7 trends shaping the future for packaging converters and discuss which new innovations brand owners can utilize to grow in the years ahead.


  1. The Quest for Sustainability
  2. Managing Speciality Inks
  3. Flexo and Digital Presses
  4. Does Your Brand Have These Certifications?
  5. Active and Intelligent Packaging
  6. Blockchain’s Chain Reaction
  7. Workflow Automation

To learn more about the top trends for packaging converters and how you can utilize the latest innovations to grow your brand, download our free Ebook today.