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Do X-Rays Harm My Film?
Information about some of the problems at airports relative to film inspection using x-rays.

Downloadable "Do Not X-Ray" Labels
These labels can be downloaded for printing and viewing using Adobe Acrobat TM  Reader. Print labels on the appropriate label stock of your choosing.

Air Shipping Film
The requirement of x-ray scanning can be dependent on: the Shipper, the carrier, and the shipment origin/destination. Read more here.

Airport X-Ray Security and Film
This document contains advice for motion picture customers who need to transport film by air or via the US Postal Service.

Baggage X-Ray Scanning Effects on Film
Topics include: airport baggage scanning, suggestions for avoiding fogged film, the x-ray scanning process, x-ray fog appearance, other conditions that resemble x-ray fog, advice to air travelers, etc. Technical Information Bulletin #TIB5201.