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KODAK VISION Color Intermediate Film 2242/3242/5242

A Bridge To The Future.

KODAK VISION Color Intermediate Films provide a bridge between the unparalleled creativity offered by KODAK VISION Color Negative Films - and the show quality of KODAK VISION Color Print Films. They are the link in the Kodak system that enables filmmakers to tell their stories without creative compromise.

These films replace - and improve upon - Kodak's ACADEMY AWARD® winning intermediate films. And, like all Kodak films, they are a result of listening - and responding to - the needs of the industry.

In both the rem-jet acetate base and nonrem-jet ESTAR Base versions, these films offer improvements to the emulsion layers that result in increased sharpness for laser recording. And, because the films incorporate Kodak's patented Two-Electron Sensitizer Technology, the improved sharpness comes without the expected increase in grain.

KODAK VISION Color Intermediate Film / 2242 / 3242 / ESTAR Base does not have the traditional carbon-based rem-jet backing, which must be removed during processing. The result? Cleaner, higher quality prints with fewer dirt spots. And with a patented process-surviving anti-static layer, this film attracts less dirt during processing - and stays cleaner throughout its useful life.

Advances in these products bring benefits to everyone involved in the process of telling stories on film.

For the filmmaker, these intermediate films help to preserve all the sharpness, clarity, and color of the original images and carry them more faithfully to the final display screen.

For the laboratory, VISION Color Intermediate Films enable the production of printing elements that are closer in quality to the look of a print made directly from the original negative.

Postproduction facilities will appreciate the features of the VISION Color Intermediate Films, especially improved sharpness for digital output. They're the choice for production of masters for theatrical re-release, video and DVD release, satellite, cable or broadcast TV presentation - or use in any media of the future.

And, audiences will also see the difference - in movies that tell stories with fewer distractions, films with fewer physical imperfections.

KODAK VISION Color Intermediate Films. They're the final link in the motion picture production chain. The bridge that carries all the quality of the original to the final print. And, they're the first intermediate films worthy of the KODAK VISION Film family name.