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KODAK 3D Printing Ecosystem

It’s not a 3D printer. It’s a solution.

High-quality materials for every application with preset parameters, an easy-to-use UI and automation features will help you optimize the design-to-print process and keep the focus on your work.


Our software includes:

  • Management of multiple printers
  • Printer sharing
  • STL and Gcode editing and visualization
  • Design and print file management and sharing
  • Cloud and local slicing
  • Remote monitoring
  • Print queuing
  • Version controls
  • Permissions management
  • Data tracking and reporting
  • Filament tracking and billing
  • Customizable user profile
  • Social sharing of successful prints
  • Google Drive/Dropbox file upload support


Controlled moisture for optimal results

Whether it’s in the form of brittleness, steam, bubbling, bad finishes, rapid degradation or the loss of the material’s physical and mechanical properties, excessive moisture is a polymer’s foe. A controlled manufacturing environment and vacuum-sealed packaging are keys to protect your filaments.


Full compatibility

While open to using third-party materials, the Portrait’s filament cases prevent KODAK 3D Printing Filament from absorbing humidity or dust, from the manufacturing of the filament all the way to the printed part.


It’s all about software

Either connecting your printer via Wi-Fi or LAN or sending prints from a USB drive, you can use manage or monitor all functions from your printer’s screen, the KODAK 3D Cloud or the desktop application.


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