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Technical Specifications

Film Gauge Extended Super 8 Gate (widescreen exposure area)
Film Frame Size 4.2 mm x 6.3 mm / Aspect Ratio 1:1.5
Film Cartridge KODAK Super 8 Film Cartridges with 50ft / 15m
Frame Rates 18, 24, 25, 36 FPS / Crystal Sync on 24 & 25 FPS
Run Function Programmable frame rates with Pressed & Latched Mode
Alternative FPS Function button with programmable alternative frame rates
Body Full aluminum body, anodized surface
Tripod Mount Bottom plate, standard 1/4-20 UNC thread
Pistol Grip Removable / Mounted at tripod thread, with trigger
Lens Mount Interchangeable C-Mount / SMPTE Specs
Focal Length Wide Angle 6 mm Lens 1:1.2 included, interchangeable
Focus / Aperture Manual focus / Manual iris setting
Image Circle Min. 11 mm
Exposure Control Built-in light meter / Displayed on screen
Film stocks Supports speed of all KODAK Super 8 Film types
Exposure Setting Via frame rate & manual iris setting
Display Size 4" LCD
Image Display Optical path, through the lens (TTL) digital viewfinder
Swivel Supports +/- 90 degrees display turns
Camera Setup
Control Panel Multilingual user interface on viewfinder display
Set Up Via capacitive touch as user interface
Sound Recording
Input 3.5 mm mic input / 3.5 mm line input
Output 3.5 mm headphone output
Sound Format .Wav format
Storage SD Card (max. 32GB – not included)
Sound Control Volume level on screen (optional via menu)
Power Supply
Battery KODAK Super 8 Camera Battery / 3.7 V-7.200 mAh.
Charging KODAK Super 8 Camera USB Power Adapter, Micro USB Charging Cable
Charging Time About 3.5 hours max.
Remote Remote access connectivity via 2.5 mm jack
Display Micro HDMI connector for an external display (2nd viewfinder)
Body Dimensions
Weight 3 lbs. / 1350 g
L x H x D
(body without lens & pistol grip)
170 mm x 176 mm x 82 mm
Standard Colors Bone China or Midnight