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KODAK 3D Printing


KODAK 3D Printers

High-quality filaments for professional 3D printing

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The KODAK Portrait 3D Printer has been created for consistency in production and ease of use at a professional level. Its sleek design and straightforward software make it a great choice in an educational capacity, while its dual extrusion and heat-controlled print compartment allow this 3D Printer to create the level of functionality within a design office setting.

Our full line of 3D Printer Filaments raise the bar for quality in the industry, with moisture-controlled packaging and high-quality materials to suit a wide range of applications. Self-leveling print bed, time-lapse camera, filament runout sensor and multicolor illumination facilitate the best print which you control via the touchscreen interface.

Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity to the KODAK 3D Cloud make your printer a manageable and shareable resource. A safe, healthy, intuitive machine designed to exceed your expectations, whether printing for the first time or managing a fleet of printers in an industrial capacity.


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With a full line of materials from PLA to HIPS to Flexible in a wide range colors, the filaments available from Kodak have made 3D Printing an extremely pleasant experience, with very consistent pigment, dimensionally accurate diameter and most importantly, easy printability. I would highly recommend the full line of materials for everything from rapid prototyping for robotics and engineering to end-user output in a largescale production, and for the hobbyist to professional user.

—Jeffrey Wright, Print 3D Channel

Teachers and children need reliability and safety when 3D printing. The KODAK Portrait 3D Printer, with its enclosed print chamber and HEPA/Carbon filter, allows for schools to achieve this straight out of the box. As a teacher, I know learning thrives when educators have access to the latest technology in lessons. With the ability to connect to the cloud and monitor via live camera, the KODAK Portrait 3D Printer helps deliver a modern 21st century learning experience. The automatic nozzle lifting feature is a unique design asset that increases the success rate of prints in the classroom. This will save material costs resulting in more 3D printing with students. Furthermore, Kodak's range of filaments allows for greater study of material/mechanical properties in lessons through the vast array of filaments available. Greater choice means greater learning.

—Phil Cotton, Teacher and Founder Learnbylayers


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