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Document Lifecycle Management

We work with you to improve your document workflow, creating the solutions needed throughout the document lifecycle, to better serve your business.

What is Document Lifecycle

A paper document or a record goes through a cycle since its creation or capture, to its management, storage, preservation and delivery. We facilitate the digital capture of your documents and their administration, creating the solution that is right for your business.

Digitize paper content or capture data into the system

Manage critical content with efficient workflows from a central repository.

Store using a content management system or other information solution.

Secure the information to preserve it for the future.

Have the information when and where it is needed.

Manage Your Data

Digitize your critical records without the risk of damaging your paper or microfilm originals. Improve the access to these files, reduce costs, and protect them from deterioration.

Mobile Document Management Solution

Customized, Modularized Offerings for your Data and Documents, integrated in the Cloud


KODAK Services for Business End-to-End Capabilities

Capturing your data, from hard copy records, digitizing them, ensuring their longevity.

Managing your new electronic files, digital assets, and records in the cloud for security and accessibility.

Delivering your data, formatting, and analytics in real-time on smartphones, tablets, and computers, wherever you need.


KODAK Services for Business
Full Service Model


Local, certified team of experts, assessing your needs against best practices


Customized solutions, utilizing the best technology, with proven outcomes


On-site Kodak team offering extensive quality control and minimal disruption to agency services


Continued service after implementation, Kodak is your partner to identify other opportunities


Contact us to learn about the solutions available in your country.