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Business Process Outsourcing

We partner with you to maximize your workflow efficiency, creating the document solutions that fit your needs.

What is Business Process Outsourcing?

Business process outsourcing is defined as a subset of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business process to a third-party service provider.

The Value Of Outsourcing With Kodak

More than one billion records for governments, the healthcare industry, land registries, property tax records and censuses and more have been digitized to date.

Take advantage of Kodak’s expertise in document imaging:

  • Long history – protecting your records from damage since 1928.
  • Team of experts with the know-how to create the solution you need for your documents.
  • Presence throughout the whole project.
  • Qualified and certified experts.
  • Kodak integrates solutions with the most recognized brands on the market.


KODAK Services for Business
Full Service Model


Local, certified team of experts, assessing your needs against best practices


Customized solutions utilizing the best technology with proven outcomes


On-site Kodak team offering extensive quality control and minimal disruption to agency services


Continued service after implementation; Kodak is your partner to identify other opportunities


Transforming Your Workflow

From capturing your data spread across multiple platforms to managing and delivering that content efficiently, we move things forward.


Enabling Strategic Advantages for You

We are a business process consulting and outsourcing organization that enables your enterprise to achieve strategic initiatives.

  • Automate critical operations
  • Suite of services and integrated solutions
  • Transform, optimize and automate business processes
  • Improve efficiency and your business performance
  • Kodak’s experience, knowledge and delivery assets


Greater Industry-Specific Knowledge

  • Independent and objective knowledge
  • Identify and solve complex data, document and image-intensive problems
  • Subject-matter experts with decades of experience in multiple industry and technology segments


Proven Delivery Method

  • With our delivery model (team, technology assets, and process know-how), we implement solutions on time, within budget and at minimal risk.
  • Leverage Kodak’s world-class stage and gate methods that we’ve honed for more than 100 years.
  • Encompass all appropiate functional disciplines, offer extensive expertise, and work closely with your project teams to develop solutions and implementation plans.


Digital Services Across Various Industries

Transforming government workflow

Accounts receivable processing

Check processing

Credit card application processing

Loan application processing

Lockbox processing

Insurance claim processing

Invoice processing

Mailroom processing

Airway bills processing

Credit files processing

Backlog and archiving


Contact us to learn about the solutions available in your country.