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Variable Data Solutions

Software that enables creation, printing, and distribution of documents and forms. More effective business communications through cost reduction, improved communication, and operational flexibility.


Document Creation and Management
  • Eliminate printing on pre-printed forms
  • Simple management of distributed printing of transactional documents
  • Increase response rates and customer retention via personalization
  • Built-in web services that integrate with your workflow tools
  • Communication between programs, furthering automation and integration
  • High-speed printing of complex transactional, promotional, or transpromotional documents
  • Automation of printing workflow, maximizing output capacity
  • Printing on any type of printer



Our Variable Data Solutions enable your organization to create and distribute your business communications within your existing data forms. We help you transform your normal statements, forms, and invoices into powerful, personalized experiences for your clients.


Custom Design

With our advanced personalization options, you can customize your data for web, email, and print via HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Sharing content has never been easier, since our design capabilities offer a single platform solution for transforming your documents.



Connecting to your current applications is imperative to streamlining your data transformation. With our multichannel output, automating tasks is simple and easy to manage. With a suite of PDF tools at your fingertips, complete with Webserver capabilities and metadata organization, your web and print documents will be optimized for success.


Output Creation

The industry standard print formats of PDF, PostScript®, PCL, and more are all covered by our customized solutions for your data. By offering production decisions at the point of print, you can engage your clients with modern, exciting forms, documents, and applications.


Data Mapper

We improve and repurpose documents for your convenience. Regardless of your original data type, we can map your files to a single format, making your design environment easy to use.


Contact us to learn about the solutions available in your country.