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Robotic Processing Solutions

An Intelligent Digital Workforce for Your Business


Automate Manual Processes


Mobilize a digital workforce to transform data, direct interactions, capture content, handle process exceptions, and eliminate human error.


Save valuable resources and improve your customer’s experience by automating labor-intensive, multi-step tasks.


Continually monitor processes and trends to unlock analytics, optimize processes, ensure compliance, and increase productivity.


Utilize a scalable solution that will automate hundreds of tasks across your organization with centralized management.

Improve Operations with Robotic Process Automation

Most business processes consist of manual work, many different data sources, and systems that are not connected. Simply throwing more people at these types of problems can raise costs and produce process bottlenecks and data entry errors. Automate today with KODAK Services for Business Robotic Process Automation – a digital workforce with intelligence that delivers 100 percent data accuracy in a fraction of the time.

Empower Your Business Transformation

Speak with our Robotic Process Automation experts today to save time and money on your processes.


Accuracy, Efficiency, Robots!

100% data accuracy in much less time, saving you money and labor hours. With Robotic Process Automation, your return on investment will be realized at lightning speed with immediate implementation. With the extra time they’ll have, your staff will be able to enhance your customer’s experience.


Faster. Cheaper.

Process claims five times faster and nearly three to four times more cost-effective. Process invoices in one-fourth of the time. Realize at least 15% overall process cost reduction by eliminating manual steps and duplicated work.


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