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Contract Management Solutions

Securing critical documents digitally, every day


Contract Management can be defined as a process to ensure compliance and minimize financial and legal risks while granting access only to the relevant parties. Improving time and efficiency to create, execute, store and track changes or updates to your contracts.

Transform Your Contract Process with KODAK Services for Business
  • Organize and streamline your workflow
  • Eliminate repetitive and tedious operations
  • Facilitate contract preparation
  • Manage signed contracts


Avoid These Workflow Pitfalls with the KODAK Services for Business CMS

Numerous contract preparations in Legal Department

Different sources and formats of contracts

Manually printing, comparing, revising, and returning


How Does a CMS Fit in with Your Process?

Speak with a KODAK Services for Business consultant today to find out how to save time and money in your contract workflow.


“We have significantly reduced the operating cost, while also improving the turnaround time and efficiency. We are happy with Kodak and the impact of its solutions couldn’t be higher.”


Comprehensive Solutions

A software collaboration of Abbyy Fine Reader, Abbyy Flexi Capture and M-Files working together to filter, sort, log, audit, name, number automate, and communicate all of your contract documents.


A New Workflow

Take your contracts from copier scan to digital in a few simple steps. From your scanner to ABBYY - FineReader, converted to Word, Excel, or Searchable PDF, and finally to your document repository.


Software Solving Problems

The KSB system takes your document scanning to a new level, utilizing ABBYY FlexiCapture, building templates and cover pages, and exporting to M-Files the searchable PDFs and Index Fields you need.


Contact us to learn about the solutions available in your country.