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Accounts Payable Solutions

Maximize employee efficiency saving time and money by automating invoice processing.


Process invoices an average of 6 times faster using A/P One featuring KODAK Scan Cloud which uses advanced smart learning technology to eliminate data entry. Automatically detect duplicate invoices, monitor the invoice approval process, and instantly know the status of all invoices.


Typical Issues with Manual Invoice Processing

Time consuming process using expensive labor resources

No invoice matching to avoid duplicated payment

Long turn-around time for invoice approvals

High paper storage costs

Late payment fees and lost invoice documents

Difficult to monitor the overall AP process and invoice status

Difficulty retrieving legacy documents

Security and fraud risks


Introducing A/P One featuring KODAK Scan Cloud

Kodak has partnered with CoreIntegrator, a company that has been automating the accounts payable process for more than 20 years, to provide a unique new Accounts Payable solution called A/P One, designed for companies of all sizes, and in all industries. This solution features KODAK Scan Cloud and is intended to help companies save time and money, and greatly increase efficiency by processing invoices digitally.


Benefits of A/P One

  1. Eliminate manual data entry and automate tasks using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  2. Rapid deployment – You can be processing invoices within a few days of registering.
  3. Cloud-based application – No hardware or software requirements.
  4. Reduce manual invoice processing time by 60%
  5. Optional preconfigured cloud-based scanner available to send to A/P One.
  6. Document retention for quick easy access to historical invoices.
  7. Duplicate invoice checking to prevent paying a vendor more than once.
  8. Reporting on bottlenecks, user and company-wide performance, accrual reports and more.
  9. Mobile approval of invoices (with full view of the invoice).
  10. Configurable multi-level approval matrix


No Risk 60 Day Free Trial!

Try A/P One risk free for the first 60 day.


Reduce Operating Costs

With A/P One you can reduce costs for paper, printing, postage, labor, servers and software. Eliminate late payment fees and take advantage of early payment discounts.


Increased Accountability

A/P One’s audit logs and document archiving allow you to track the status of every invoice and instantly locate legacy invoices for auditing purposes.


Automate your invoice processing workflow with RPA

A/P One uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help automate invoice processing, providing greater efficiency and eliminating many manual data-driven activities. An emerging technology, the use of RPA is fast-growing and can benefit businesses of all sizes. RPA technology is expected to dominate the market in the next few years.

Example of ways that A/P One uses RPA to help process invoices

  • Eliminates data entry through ‘Smart AP’ learning technology
  • Automatically checks for duplicate invoices
  • Intelligent invoice approval process that automatically routes the invoice to the correct person
  • Avoids fraudulent payments by allowing multiple checkpoints to be built into the process
*This service is provided by CoreIntegrator and is only available in the USA.


Contact us to learn more about the A/P One solution’s availability in your area.