Accounts Payable Solutions

Invoice Processing built to maximize your workflow


Built to maximize your workflow process. Kodak uses technology to automate invoice processing and improve your business. Detect errors and inconsistencies, monitor status and approvals, and gain insights to increase effeciency and save money.


Your Current Payment Processing

Time consuming document retrieval

No system matching to avoid duplicated payment

Long turn-around time in manual approval process

Expensive labor resources

Potential loss of document copies in physical document circulation

Difficult to monitor the overall AP process and status


Introducing A/P One featuring KODAK Scan Cloud

Kodak has partnered with CoreIntegrator to provide a solution for Accounts Payable, named A/P One, designed for companies of all sizes, in all industries. This solution features KODAK Scan Cloud and is intended to take AP automation to an entirely new level of simplicity.


Benefits of A/P One

  1. Rapid deployment – You can be up and running within a few days of registering.
  2. Cloud-based application – No hardware requirements.
  3. A/P One is a web application – No software required other than a web browser.
  4. Optional preconfigured cloud-based scanner available to send to A/P One.
  5. Document retention for quick easy access to historical invoices.
  6. Duplicate invoice checking to prevent paying a vendor more than once.
  7. Reporting on bottlenecks, user and company-wide performance, accrual reports and more.
  8. Mobile approval of invoices (with full view of the invoice).
  9. You can configure the approval matrix to be based on several different combinations of variables and have multiple levels of approvals for the same invoice: by person, based on location, invoice type, dollar amount, or by vendor.


The KODAK Services for Business Accounts Payable Difference
  • Reduce and eliminate overdue and duplicate payments
  • Take advantage of early payment discounts
  • Reduce labor resource requirements
  • Reduce process lead time
  • Improve audit compliance
  • Maximize the value of your ERP system


Dedicated Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services

Kodak provides resources and automated technology to check the products and services that are received and to verify the invoice and payment reconciliation.


Eliminate Operation Costs

With our outsourced service, we have helped clients save money on printing and postage costs.


24/7/365 Invoice Tracking

By automating and digitizing the Accounts Payable process, you’ll experience faster payment submission, especially on exception handling.


Customized AP Solutions

Kodak’s Accounts Payable management services provide end-to-end AP processes, tailored to your customized needs.


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