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KODAK Services for Business information management solutions pave the way to a modernized, efficient, and customer-focused process.


Your customers are the lifeblood of the insurance industry. By streamlining your claims and application process, digitizing your document management system, and replacing manual and legacy systems, KODAK Services for Business lets you put more focus into customer satisfaction.

Information Management

Managing constant streams of new and updated data is just part of the insurance industry. Dealing with claims, applications, and other time-sensitive data, you need to be properly organized to make your work actually work for you. KODAK Services for Business expert solutions can help your office make sense out of the vast amounts of data.

Streamlining Workflow

By streamlining your processes for optimum efficiency, work becomes easier and your team is more productive. Digitized documents allow for faster retrieval and higher capacity records storage, while automation of certain tasks leaves time for more projects. The increase in productivity leads to increased revenue, building your business over time.

Data Protection

The insurance industry is all about managing risk. But how well are you managing the risks in your own office? Having large amounts of sensitive customer data on file makes data breach a real—and frightening—possibility. Our data management services allow you to store more data more securely than ever before.

Customer Service

No matter what unique challenges you face in your agency, your ultimate goal is to provide better customer service. Organizing information, improving productivity, and protecting data are necessary steps for better serving the customers that trust you. Optimizing your office with expert Business Process Outsourcing solutions is the key to keeping those customers for years to come.

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