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MAGNUS VLF Platesetter

Fast. Fully Automated.


The KODAK MAGNUS VLF Platesetter is one of the fastest fully-automated VLF platesetters on the market, providing exceptional productivity and high-quality thermal imaging.

Available in two sizes Maximum Plate size
Q2400 1,804 x 1,422 mm
Q3600 2,083 x 1,600 mm

Multiple automation options

Faster plate loading, reduced manual handling and long - unattended operation:

  • ContinuousLoad (standard): While one plate is being imaged, the second plate is placed in standby and loads automatically after the plate on the drum unloads to an online processor.
  • Multi-Cassette Unit (MCU): Holds up to 300 plates in four cassettes, each with up to 75 plates with slip sheets. The required cassette is automatically selected according to the job definition. Empty cassettes can be reloaded while the platesetter is running.
  • Automatic Pallet Loader (APL): Loads plates directly from shipping pallets into the Magnus VLF Platesetter. Capable of holding between one and six pallets of up to 600 plates each for very high capacity and no operator handling of plates.

Latest Features

Integrated punch enhances automation

The MAGNUS VLF Platesetter features a fully integrated punch option with accurate three-point registration, helping eliminate costly errors.

Temperature compensation system enhances accuracy

To improve fit and register on press, a unique temperature compensation system adjusts for changes in ambient temperature and corrects for plate expansion and contraction. This system also reduces the number of wasted plates.


KODAK Mobile CTP Control App

Attend to your CTP devices from wherever you are, using only a mobile phone, with Kodak’s Mobile CTP Control App.

  • Device monitoring
  • Queue management
  • Multiple CTPs
  • Push notifications
  • Alerts

Available now for newer models of KODAK MAGNUS, ACHIEVE, and TRENDSETTER Platesetters, with support for older models coming soon.


Time Tested Technology

  • Benefits of Thermal Platesetters
  • SQUAREspot Imaging Technology for accurate and stable imaging
  • Low Environmental Impact with KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates


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