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What's New with CTP?

Latest features, enhancements and information

KODAK Mobile CTP Control App

Attend to your CTP devices from wherever you are, using only a mobile phone, with Kodak’s Mobile CTP Control App.

  • Device monitoring
  • Queue management
  • Multiple CTPs
  • Push notifications
  • Alerts

Available now for newer models of KODAK MAGNUS, ACHIEVE, and TRENDSETTER Platesetters, with support for older models coming soon.



Simplify operations and reduce waste with a range of automation configurations and options, including Single- and Multi-Cassette Units, an Automatic Pallet Loader, and an In-line Punch System.



The latest KODAK TRENDSETTER and ACHIEVE Platesetters use up to 43% less power while imaging than our previous models and up to 95% less than competitive platesetters. Also, they are the best CTP choice for KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates, which reduce the environmental impact of plate making.



Image Quality

Expand your capabilities with the new 4,800/5,080 dpi High Resolution Option. Achieve extremely detailed output ideal for printing art, microprinting, security and lenticular printing - including text so small it is indiscernible to the naked eye.



Introducing the new W-speed option, commercially available in 2018 for the TRENDSETTER Platesetter.

  • Q400: 75 plates per hour
  • Q800: 62 plates per hour