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KODAK Services for Business solves your everyday business problems, offering efficiency and cost savings through a variety of customized solutions.

Document Management Services

Storing, managing, and tracking electronic documents and images. KODAK Document Management Services scans your critical documents to the cloud, automates your workflow, and makes content available throughout your organization.

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KODAK Scan Cloud

Securing information in real time, 24 hours each day, 365 days per year. The KODAK Scan Cloud captures, manages, and delivers critical data, instantly offering exactly what you need.

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KODAK Business Process Consulting Services

Independent and objective information to identify and solve your complex data, document, and image problems. KODAK Business Process Consulting Services offers strategic solutions that provides long-term success.

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Providing business process outsourcing solutions is what we do.

Robotic Processing Solutions

Automating your business practices to save time and money in all of your processes. Robotic Processing Solutions improve your operations with an intelligent digital workforce.

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Accounts Payable Solutions

Streamlining payment processing by digitizing Accounts Payable. Accounts Payable Solutions automates and improves your business, getting you to faster approvals and status updates.

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Contract Management Solutions

Ensuring compliance and minimizing financial and legal risks using comprehensive workflow solutions and updated software. Contract Management Solutions transforms your contract process.

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KODAK Services for Business has a long, proven track record of providing high-volume, business-critical information services and value-added secure Business Process Outsourcing service operations situated across the globe.

Variable Data Solutions

Using efficient, custom software to minimize paper, maximize efficiency, and enable the creation and distribution of a wide variety of documents and forms in your industry.

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Electronic Forms

Providing customized systems to reduce operating costs while improving the turnaround time of paper documents, digitizing manual backlog into a smooth, digital workflow.

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KODAK Document Management Platform using Blockchain Technology

Protecting your assets with the highest level of secure data networking, distributing the storage load and reducing the time and cost of execution with smart contracts.

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