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Safe and Stable Antifoggant Chemistry Will Save Time, Reduce Costs for Labs  

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (November 10, 2000) - Kodak has developed a safe and stable antifoggant chemistry designed to reduce costs and waste for motion picture laboratories. KODAK Antifoggant AF-2000 is a liquid concentrate which is added to the developer used to process color negative film. It replaces EASTMAN Anti-fog N°9 which was used in wetted or dry powder form.

"It is quicker and easier for lab personnel to add the new liquid concentrate to color developer," says Marian Herz, product marketing manager, Kodak Entertainment Imaging division. "It also reduces waste since it is easier to measure than the wetted powder. However, the most important benefit is an improvement in stability. The level of antifoggant remains stable in the developer during both active processing and when the processing machinery is idle for long periods of time."

The new antifoggant can be safely transported and stored since it is neither explosive nor flammable. Herz notes that conversion to the new antifoggant is simple since there is no need to dump tanks or change procedures. The AF-2000 can just be added to the developer tank in place of AF-9.

KODAK Antifoggant AF-2000 is delivered in a case of two 5-liter plastic bottles with mixing instructions on the label. It will initially be available in Europe, North America, South America and Africa.

AF-2000 Questions and Answers

Why should I switch from AF-9 to AF-2000?  
AF-2000 is less expensive than AF-9. It also is much less hazardous, making it safer to ship, handle and store. It is easier to mix and is also more stable in the developer solution.

What do you mean by more stable in the developer solution?  
It has better keeping and does not evaporate as quickly. Therefore, you will have better process control.

Can I make AF-2000 myself?  
No. AF-2000 is patented by Kodak for use in processing motion picture film.

Is AF-2000 at all hazardous? What are the regulations governing its use?  
If this product comes into contact with the skin or eyes, it can cause irritation. Customers should follow good industrial hygiene practices along with precautionary measures found on MSDS and label statements for this product. AF-2000 is not regulated and has no transportation classification.

How do I convert from AF-9 to AF-2000? Do I have to dump my developer tank?  
You do not have to dump the tank or change the way the lab works. The very simple instructions are given in a Technical Data and Crossover booklet available from your Kodak sales representative.

Can I analyze my developer solution for AF-2000?  
Yes. Kodak currently has an HPLC method that allows you to measure AF-2000 in any solution, and a hand method that allows for analysis in fresh solution. Complete instructions for the HPLC method are in the Technical Data and Crossover booklet available from your Kodak sales representative. Ask your Kodak sales representative about the hand method. Since most labs do not analyze for AF-9 currently, the lack of a method to analyze for AF-2000 in a seasoned solution is not necessary.

How do I buy AF-2000?  
AF-2000 is only available from Eastman Kodak Company. It is sold in a case with two 5-liter bottles. The catalogue number for customers ordering in the US, Canada and Latin America is 127 3291. The catalogue number for customers ordering in Europe, Asia, Africa, China and Japan is 526 3298. Talk with your Kodak representative for more information.