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Custom Synthesis and Scale-up

At Kodak, we specialize in the synthesis and scale-up of complex chiral molecules, heterocycles, and specialty polymers. With over a century of experience in scaling up innovation, we have built an extensive proprietary database of molecules and processes, which allows us to know in advance what works and what doesn’t. Each scale-up is closely managed by a dedicated project manager, who manages risk throughout the process. Our scale-up projects are upheld by our dedication to Operation Excellence. Learn more below.


Explore Expertise

Kodak Specialty Chemicals ensures quality across our entire range of businesses, products and services through tried-and-true practices adhering to strict and proven protocols.
Kodak has been developing and manufacturing chemicals since its inception. Now, with vast proprietary databases built from decades of experience, our team has the resources to meet nearly any need and to do so efficiently.
We serve many markets with numerous custom and toll manufacturing services, from heterocyclic chemistry to custom polymers.


How our Expertise Benefits You

Our multiple-decades experience in custom synthesis and scale-up of new molecules has made us a quality leader as a supplier. Our careful project management and timely planning, communication, execution, and delivery make us an ideal supplier for your custom chemical needs. From pilot to large-scale, we manage risk throughout the entire process and dedicate managers to each specific process, meeting demanding quality specifications every time.

But don’t take our word for it – listen to top industry leaders who choose us as a supplier.


“I would like to express my sincere appreciation and many thanks for a wonderful job well done you and your team have done in scaling up a lab procedure we have provided to you. In such a short time, you were able to produce a multi-kilogram required amount of a key chiral molecule, required for an aggressive GMP manufacturing of a commercial API. The opened minded communications and exchange of technical suggestions and ideas from both sites were quickly converted to actions with very positive results. My experience working with you allows me to strongly recommend your company as the most reliable supplier for future outsourcings.”