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PET Films

For more than half a century, Kodak has produced millions of feet of flexible polyester film for consumer and industrial applications stretching far beyond photography. Our flexible, dual-shield, high clarity, highly conductive films attest to that fact.


Why you should choose KODAK ESTAR:

  • Willingness to experiment

    We run over 150 experiments every year so we can produce exactly what our customers want with the highest possible degree of quality and efficiency

  • Absolute Consistency

    Our deep expertise in producing film guarantees consistency; Roll 1 will perform the same as Roll 2, Roll 2 will perform the same as Roll 10, Roll 10 will perform the same as Roll 100, and so on.


Our polyester film base helps you meet quality standards and remain cost effective. We invite you to take advantage of our experience in process development, manufacturing, and a standardized commercialization process to help you build a solution that meets the needs of your specific application.


Explore our PET films below

KODAK HCF Films/ESTAR Base is a high-quality polyester film (PET) featuring a proprietary conductive polymer (PEDOT/PSS) coated in-line during the manufacturing process.
KODAK HS Films/ESTAR Base is a flexible, high clarity, single or dual-sided heat stabilized film. This HS film is useful in numerous applications such as touch sensors for mobile devices
KODAK ESTAR PET Films offer the highest quality materials, primers, and optical clarity. We will work with you to create a product that fits your specific needs.

Our Mission

To meet your specific needs. We regularly produce pilot batches for customers and we’re always willing to run experiments with you to produce the product you want in the quantity you need.

Kodak ESTAR’s quality system is ISO 9001:2008 Certified


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