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SONORA Process Free Plates

Reduce costs and increase efficiency by eliminating processing

SONORA Process Free Plates go straight from the imager to the press with no processing step in between. Removing the processing step streamlines plate making, reduces waste, improves your productivity, and saves you money both in the pressroom and in prepress.


Make a calculated choice to switch

Use our instant Savings Estimator to find out just how much you can save with SONORA Process Free Plates.


SONORA Plates: Benefits

Proven performance
Thousands of printers worldwide have made the switch to SONORA Process Free Plates, with many different presses and printing environments.

Easy transition
Switching to SONORA Plates is as easy as switching to any other plate, and you will start seeing the benefits immediately.

Savings in prepress
Eliminate the cost of chemistry and disposal and reduce your water and electricity costs.

Savings in the pressroom
Print more and reduce waste with faster makereadies, greater dot stability, and fewer interruptions due to defects caused by plate processing.

Process free means processor free
Removing the processor means you can free up floor space, streamline plate making, eliminate processor maintenance, and end the risk of handling chemicals.


SONORA X Plates make process free possible for almost every printer

Thanks to longer run lengths, more robust handling and faster exposure speeds, printers can use SONORA X plates for almost any job including: 

  • Offset packaging and labels
  • UV and low-energy UV print
  • Heatset web applications
  • Newspapers (high-volume & automated)
  • Long-run commercial print
  • VLF applications
  • And more...


SONORA Plate Green Leaf Award

Kodak is pleased to sponsor the SONORA Plate Green Leaf Award, named for KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates, to recognize printing companies that are leading the way to reduce environmental impact.

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