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EKTACHROME Color Reversal Film

A classic is back

EKTACHROME Film is available in still film, Super 8 and 16mm 100-foot spools and 400-foot rolls.

Press Release

Product Information (PDF)

Technical Data (PDF)

35mm still film image gallery



Suitability for Conditions¹

Day Exterior

Score: 5/5

Day Interior/Windowlight

Score: 4/5

Well-lit Studio (T)

Score: 3/5

Limited Light (T)

Score: 2/5

¹Suitability for conditions is a suggested use and does not represent the applicability of any film for artistic or specific purposes.


The Making of EKTACHROME Film

In January of 2017, we announced that KODAK EKTACHROME Film would be coming back to the market. On this episode of The Kodakery podcast, we share updates from the factory leading up to the market release in October 2019. In case you’re wondering about the who, what, when, where and why, we brought in some of our own Kodak employees who are involved with the re-manufacturing to chat.



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