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Super 8mm Products

Super 8

From its beginnings as the home movie media of the 60's, today's Super 8 mm film is alive and well and making it possible for virtually anyone to bring the unmistakable "look and feel" of real film to the screen.

More than fifty years after its introduction, this small gauge film still provides an easy, inexpensive way for students and enthusiasts to work at film resolutions and color depths.

VISION3 50D Color Negative Film 7203


KODAK VISION3 Films deliver the unsurpassed image quality, real-world flexibility, digital compatibility, and archival stability that you demand. Now we proudly present KODAK VISION3 50D Color Negative Film 5203/7203, the world's finest grain film.

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VISION3 500T Color Negative Film 7219


A high speed film featuring several technical innovations that deliver improved exposure latitude-so you can capture an amazing amount of shadow detail with noticeably lower grain, or rely on the extended highlight latitude and follow the action into bright light without worrying about blown-out details. Process ECN-2.

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VISION3 200T Color Negative Film 7213


Performs superbly in both controlled interiors and in challenging high-contrast situations. Increased highlight latitude so you can move faster on set a pull more detail out of highlights. Reduced grain in shadows so you can push the boundaries of underexposure and still get outstanding results. KODAK VISION3 200T Color Negative Film 7213 delivers the image structure of a 100-speed film with the versatility of a 200-speed product, offering you the benefits of two films in one. Process ECN-2.

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TRI-X Reversal Film 7266


A high-speed, panchromatic, black-and-white film suitable for general interior photography with artificial light. It can also be used in daylight and is particularly useful for sports pictures taken at regular speed or slow motion in weak light. This film is characterized by excellent tonal gradation and sharpness. Process D-94A.

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