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The Suffragette Creative Team Votes for Film

  • October 02, 2015
SUFFRAGETTE, a Focus Features release

Suffragette is a powerful drama that explores the trials and tribulations of achieving equality among the sexes in the UK in 1912. The movie follows Maude Watts, a working class wife and mother, as she claims her dignity amongst other brave women by continuing to risk their lives in order to ensure that women’s rights are recognized and respected.

The film recalls the events surrounding the Women’s Social and Political Union’s (WSPU) grassroots efforts. In order to portray 1912-1913 in a modern context for today’s audiences, director of photography Eduard Grau, AEC shot the feature on Super 16 mm, using four handheld cameras at a time.

Director Sarah Gavron couldn’t have agreed more with Grau’s approach. “The actors never quite knew when Edu’s camera was on them. Most of the time it was two cameras rolling at once. This created naturalism in the performances, and energy for the mise-en-scène. As with the actions that are physically undertaken by the Suffragettes, it’s not what you expect from a period film, and so that’s another level in which I wanted to subvert expectations and reflect how these women were ahead of their time, and make it resonate now.”

Suffragette opens the BFI London Film Festival on October 7, and begins rolling out in theaters October 12.