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Dracula Untold - A Gothic Tale Gets a New Twist from John Schwartzman, ASC

  • October 10, 2014
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Universal Pictures’ Dracula Untold reveals the origins of Bram Stoker’s infamous vampire Dracula. Starring Luke Evans (Fast & Furious 6, The Hobbit series) as Vlad the Impaler, audiences learn the catalyst behind his transformation into the all-powerful creature of the night.

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The year is 1462, and Transylvania has enjoyed a prolonged period of peace under the just and fair rule of the battle-weary Vlad, Prince of Wallachia, and his beloved and brave wife, Mirena (Sarah Gadon, of The Amazing Spider-Man 2). Together, they have brokered peace for their country and ensured its people are well-protected, especially from the powerful Ottoman Empire—an ever-expanding scourge that has its sights on global domination.

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But when Sultan Mehmed II (Dominic Cooper, of Captain America: The First Avenger) demands 1,000 of Wallachia’s boys—including Vlad’s own son—be torn from their parents’ homes and forced to become child soldiers in his army, Vlad must decide: do the same as his father before him and give up his son to the sultan, or seek the help of a monster to defeat the Turks but ultimately doom his soul to a life of servitude.

Gary Shore’s feature film directorial debut, shot in Northern Ireland, is supported by the visuals of Academy Award®-nominated cinematographer John Schwartzman, ASC (Seabiscuit).

 Dracula Untold BTS 1.jpg

On the set of Dracula Untold (Photo: Jasin Boland © Universal Pictures)

Schwartzman chose KODAK VISION3 200T Color Negative Film 5213 and KODAK VISION3 500T Color Negative Film 5219.

In regards to his choice to shoot film, he said, “When we set out scouting Dracula Untold, we spent many days trudging through the rain. It became obvious to us that film was going to give us the period look we wanted, and also the simplicity of production that only film provides – a battery, an eyepiece, and off you go.”

Dracula Untold hits theaters worldwide in October.