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Kodak’s Letterpress & Molding Plates


Capture Attention

Package printing has never been more challenging. Brand owners are looking for vibrant and consistent color that captures the consumer's eye at retail. Designs are becoming increasingly complex, pushing the existing process to the limit, while the pressure to minimize cost continues to be of primary importance throughout the supply chain.


Letterpress Plates

KODAK MIRACLON Letterpress Plates offer you an extensive portfolio of plates, including film and metal-backed substrates, analog and digital solutions and a range of standard and custom sizes and thicknesses.


Molding Plates

Water soluble KODAK RIGILON Molding Plates can be used to replace zinc or magnesium in the production of rubber hand stamps. These environmentally-friendly plates guarantee simple processing without aggressive chemical etchants. In addition, exceptional heat resistance ensures ease of application for molding, embossing and pad printing applications.


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KODAK Letterpress Authorized Resellers


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