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Consistent, High-Quality Digital Film


KODAK DITR Film / Matte produces consistent, reliable results and high-quality results for prepress film applications. Its proprietary black, dye-based mask is removed by thermal ablative imaging using an infrared laser source. When imaged on Kodak's thermal imagers, KODAK DITR Film delivers high-contrast, sharp image reproduction with exceptional background clarity.



KODAK DITR Film is designed to be imaged on Kodak's thermal imager in just a few simple steps. This innovative film eliminates processing entirely, saving time and minimizing the opportunity for process variations that can necessitate startovers. In addition, KODAK Film can be handled in yellow or UV-modified fluorescent lighting for easier cutting and manipulation. And you no longer need to maintain a separate darkroom.


Reduce Costs

Since there is no need to operate or maintain film processing equipment with KODAK DITR Film, you'll be able to reduce electricity, water, chemical usage and disposal costs. You'll also be able to reduce the footprint of your prepress operation, creating more available space to grow your business. Investing in a thermal imaging device from Kodak is a smart investment for the future. New owners can take their first step toward a completely digital prepress operation.


Multiple Uses

KODAK DITR Film is designed for liquid photopolymer, analog flexography, and analog offset applications. It is also well-suited for silkscreen frame production, overlay proofing, contacting, and checking type and registration.


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