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FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution

High-speed platemaking in a solvent-free and VOC-free environment.

Consistent plates. On repeat.

Imagine a revolutionary solution with all the proven benefits of our transformational FLEXCEL NX System. The consistent quality and print performance you know and love with on-press productivity that has turned an entire industry from a craft to a true manufacturing process. Go ahead, revel in true design freedom new to flexo. Then get ready for a game changer.

FLEXCEL NX Ultra is faster, cleaner, and extremely productive — raising the standards of flexographic platemaking to a competitive height we can all be proud of. We now have the capability of delivering high-performance, press-ready FLEXCEL NX Ultra plates in less than an hour in a solvent-free and VOC-free space.


A Complete Solution

When you pair the FLEXCEL NX Ultra Processing System and FLEXCEL NX Ultra Plates with the industry-leading imaging capabilities of the well-established FLEXCEL NX System, it creates a powerhouse system with an optimized end-to-end digital flexo platemaking solution for happy printers everywhere.


KODAK Ultra Clean Technology

Kodak’s patent-pending Ultra Clean technology solves the fundamental challenge of inconsistency traditionally associated with aqueous processed flexo plates.

A continuous operation that comprises of natural-based plate processing agents and special plate and processor cleaning methods ensures clean, artifact and debris-free plates time after time.

FLEXCEL NX Ultra has many firsts including high-performing plates in a high-volume, low-maintenance space.



Performance. Convenience. A complete solution.
Ultra fast. Ultra clean. Ultra efficient.
Written by Laurel Brunner
Journalist and Consultant

Customer Testimonials

IGT supports their green initiative with new KODAK Flexcel NX Ultra technology.

“The NX Ultra system provides great value for our business, reduces processing waste, and maximizes color consistency benefits inherent to flexographic printing technology.”

Matt Gauthier, G3 labels

Matt Gauthier, G3 labels


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