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Differentiated Technology


Flat Top Dots

The groundbreaking flat top dot structure solves a problem inherent with traditional digital flexo platemaking technology, where oxygen inhibition during UV exposure results in bullet-shaped dots that are prone to surface wear and result in unpredictable inking and printing.


Advanced Digicap NX Patterns

DigiCap NX Patterning is a software- based feature for the FLEXCEL NX System that enables a major step forward in ink transfer efficiency through the application of a micro surface texturization pattern to the surface of all elements on the FLEXCEL NX Plate.


Hybrid Screening

Innovative KODAK MAXTONE SX Screening, delivered in KODAK PRINERGY Workflow, is a hybrid AM screening solution that achieves excellent control over highlights and shadows, minimizes highlight gain and graininess and provides 6 minimum dot choices from 1x2 to 4x pixel dots.



KODAK HYPERFLEX NX Resolution Enhancement Software is an innovative software solution that uses unique imaging capabilities to image 5x20 micron 'light valves' in automatically selected areas to raise the plate floor, to achieved increased highlight dot stability and consistency.



SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology, delivers a higher level of stability, accuracy and reliability in prepress and the pressroom ensuring rapid file processing while delivering extraordinary results.