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Why brands love flexo

  • February 18, 2020

Over the past three months we have been focusing on meeting brands’ needs. Packaging is an essential part of the marketing mix. Brands are looking for better, more cost-efficient, more sustainable ways of printing so their packaging can work harder for them. And the smart printers are stepping up to the plate.
From our discussions with brands, industry organisations, analysts and award winning print customers, here are the top ten things we learned about why brands love flexo:

  1. Packaging is a hugely valuable comms channel for brands

    According to Smithers Pira, packaging is on its way to being a $1 trillion industry, and a big part of this vast value lies in the punch it can deliver for brands.

  2. Promo allows them to stay relevant

    And promo is better achieved with the high quality, quick turnaround, short run times of flexo. “The relevance gives customers a reason to choose that brand over the competition because it’s more tuned into the things that are important to them, today or in the moment,” Sanjay Patel, the Packaging Collective.

  3. Flexo enables innovation

    “Then there’s the different effects flexo can achieve. Flexo can help with creating a 3D hologram effect, for example.” Stefano d’Andrea, FTA Europe.

  4. Brands are ambitious when it comes to packaging innovation.

    “The best flexo printers are eager to collaborate, experiment and break new ground to help brands realize their ambition,” Dr John Anderson, Miraclon.

  5. Brands are on tight budgets but still need a premium quality look

    “It’s that feeling that it says something about you. We wanted the juice to shine on the shelf, with a premium, contemporary feel. You’re not going to spend $6 on a juice if it looks cheap. You’re buying the Bottega handbag of single-serve beverages. We were really trying to pop.” Ashley Cuff, co-founder, Cedar Juice.

  6. Flexo helps brands disrupt a market

    “We saw some wonderful flexo printed board cartons and cases for beer. And they did a great job of pulling all those things together in subtle but unique ways, combining matt and gloss finishes in a way that makes people say, “This is a premium experience and something I'd want to buy.” Ken McGuire P&G.

  7. Flexo offers benefits to brands vs. gravure

    “Plate storage is a whole lot more efficient, plate manufacture is a whole lot cheaper, and set up time and turnaround time can be lower. ”Ken McGuire P&G

  8. The flexo market is growing

    “The market is estimated to be worth $187 Billion by 2023” Smithers Pira

  9. Sustainability matters to brands

    As brands continue with ecommerce strategies and sustainable packaging options, corrugated remains the highest value segment for flexo print according to Smithers Para

  10. Colour and contrast are the keys to eye-catching brand design.

    Transition from design to print is one of the most frequently referenced benefits of flexo printing.  “The best design in the world is no use if you can’t pull it off perfectly in print.” Mike Adams, Interflex.